The sweet life!

After long hours of work and even longer hours in traffic you find yourself being exhausted and bitter. You think of all the work you have left and how much time all of it is going to take and it’s just Tuesday.

You skipped your aerobics session because your son had cricket practise and needed to be picked up and now you’re late for the party because you had to work on a Saturday. You feel like drinking another glass of wine but you can’t since you have an early meeting tomorrow. You need to buy a pair of shoes for your friend’s wedding but you only have time on a Sunday to go to the store.

You are home after a long workshop and your kids have left the house in a mess! Just when you thought you would take a nap, you realize you need to wash the dirty dishes. And finally you receive an email at 10 p.m when you are watching your favorite show on Netflix that they need you to get on a Skype call.

Life is all about ups and downs. Most of the time you are going to see a lot of downs. There is always going to be stressful work and deadlines. There is always going to be kids and delays. There will be places to go to and places you need to go to even if you don’t want to. So what do you do in this crazy life to be sane you ask?

Have a cupcake. That’s right, a cupcake. You can’t do anything about things you can’t contol so all you need to do is be prepared to face it. You can fret all you want about how tired you are and how nobody understands the effort you put in but you are not going to get any response in return.

Calm down, take a deep breath and grab a cupcake. Enjoy the sweetness, the creaminess and the delicious taste in your mouth. For that moment, it’s just you and none of your problems. Eat it slowly and brace yourself for the downs you may experience during your day but you will be prepared.

The sweet aroma of desert, the different flavors it offers and the satisfaction you get after eating a cupcake you love is immense.

Treating yourself every once in a while is going to make you appreciate yourself and just help you deal with all the craziness around you. So go ahead, treat yourself, grab a cupcake!

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