Street Style

Some days I feel like throwing on any random outfit I can find and rush for a meeting or when I’m running late to meet a friend. On those days I call it street style. Different pieces of clothing that come together and look good but are actually an act of being in a hurry.

There are days I wear a pair of jeans, grab any cardigan I find to throw on my t shirt and wear a coin necklace with some rings that are always lying on my vanity. I take a look in the mirror and try to make my outfit look more crisp but that’s not possible so I decide that I look cool and should leave already.

There are also days where I need to look formal on a Saturday. I throw on a pair of jeans, a striped shirt and some ballet flats. I can’t be bothered to wear any accessories so I just wear a watch and bring a black bag.

With time I realized that my ‘in a hurry’ dressing was getting better. I did like my casual comfortable clothes but I learnt how to make it look like I put in some thought and effort. And that became the basis of street style for me.

You can wear a maxi skirt, a tank top and drape a scarf around your neck or you can wear a pair of shorts, slip on a pair of lace up flats and carry a sling bag and you’re ready to hit the road.

Some people enjoy more elaborate styles like layering their outfits with jackets, hairbands, etc all of which is relatable. It’s comfortable but still unique because each one of us look different in our street style clothes though the elements are the same.

It’s easy and looks cool. You can’t wear heels in rainy weather or a leather jacket when the day is warm, you wear what fits into the weather scene, what makes you feel comfortable and what you relate to the most.

Go find your street style!

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