Trends This Season

It’s raining trends this season and before you say ‘none of that looks good on me’ take a minute to read this. There is something for everyone this season! All kinds of colors and styles.

White sneakers. This trend refuses to die down, it goes with everything and instantly adds a cool quotient to your outfit. You can buy a pair that suits your budget as they are available starting from Adidas to your local shopping bazaars.

Metallics. Yes the ‘in your face’ retro golds, bronze, coppers, etc are back with a bang! They have made their way into lipsticks, shoes and liners.

Cold shoulder and off shoulder tops. This style looks good on all body shapes. Long tops, crops tops and even formal wear has introduced styles inculcating puffed sleeves and cold shoulder tops.

Velvet. This soft fabric is now being sported in bomber jackets, rompers, boots, blouses, etc.

Ripped Jeans. They are everywhere! Jeans that are ripped with lace, different colored fabric and ripped throughout the length of the fabric. You can buy a pair depending on your style and body shape. They look good with shirts, blazers, tees and pretty much anything.

Chokers. The 90’s are here to stay! You get them in different styles be it lace, wire, embellished, etc Adding a choker to your outfit makes you look really edgy. You can even wear these with a dress or to a party.

Pick your favorite trend this season!

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