New Year, New Resolutions

As this year slowly comes to an end, you realize you have to start analyzing all the things you did right and wrong this year. All the promises you broke, the money you spent, the classes you skipped, the work you didn’t finish, etc

Every year we make a promise to ourselves that we will get fit, eat less junk, spend more time with family, stop buying useless stuff, take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of and spend lesser time shopping.

Some months you follow it and most months you don’t. We get caught up with our busy lives. Places to go to, people to meet and the work that piles up everyday. So many trends to follow, so many people to please and so much stuff to buy.

We forget ourselves in this endless cycle. We try to adapt to changes as much as possible and in the process forget or ignore our own resolutions and our own personal goals for the year.

Life is going to change constantly, nothing can ever be the same, not even you. Everything you plan may have to change because you are answerable to people, you need to blend in with society and you need to balance all the elements in your life well.

There is only one YOU. Change is never going to stop. You have to run with it and change with it. But never let it change the person you truly are. Your personal goals, your style, your time to yourself and your perception of things is what makes you, YOU.

This New Year’s eve, celebrate yourself and the people who help you be you.

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