Jackets to own this season

Winter is not just coming it’s finally here! I love sweaters, cardigans and jackets but when you stay in Bangalore where the weather is not cold at all, you have to wait until December to wear your winter clothes. Also, the winter is literally for only 2 months.

There are a variety of jackets you can play with to change your look often during the winter. Some of my favorite jacket trends this year were inspired by trends and items that I already owned.

When you think of long bike rides or a night out with your girls, it’s a leather jacket that’s perfect. It comes in a variety of colors, you can look really edgy without too much effort.

The Bomber jacket has taken over the internet! It’s cool and fun and instantly makes your outfit look casual yet trendy

To keep things simple you can opt for a Parka. Its warm, it’s stylish and it hides that holiday bump you’ve gained.

If you are looking to look classy and suave then it has to be a Shearling coat or jacket. It’s furry, you can find it in fake fur of course. It can be long or short depending on your style. It dresses up a boring outfit and can even be worn with a dress and some boots.

If you like long coats then this year’s fashion was dominated by trench coats in different styles. Camel/nude colored trench coats were something I really loved. You can try camel colored Duster coats which are long and make you look tall. You can try wool coats if you are travelling to a very cold place.

The double breasted trench coat is a timeless classic that makes you look classy and put together. This can be worn to work or a meeting without worrying that you look too casual. Something more causal would be a wrap coat which can be worn on cocktail dresses on a cold night out.

All of these options work in any country when it’s winter. They are great for all kinds of body shapes and for women of all ages. You can wear any of these instead of your boring sweaters or hoodies.

Happy Holidays!

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