Fashion for Freelancers

I was a freelancer for a while and I never knew what to wear. I worked at home, met potential clients at coffee shops and even attended meetings at company offices.
It was all new to me since I had only worked at a full time job at different companies so far where I wore formal wear from Monday to Friday and casuals on Saturdays. But now freelancing was a different ball game.

I made lots of mistakes, I looked up online and I watched others like myself at meet up events but it’s always best to learn what works for you. I am going to share my guide to a dress code that I learnt with time, based on what’s acceptable to different kinds of environments, comfortable and appropriate.

Mix and Match outfits. Dark unshaded jeans with a formal blouse or a semi formal shirt with a pair of nude shoes / flats is a go to outfit for everyone. It’s quick, it’s easy to pair and it can be worn to meetings at offices and coffee shops.

When you have to attend events, opt for a pretty blouse, black jeans and a pair of wedges. Your bag makes the difference so carry a nice sling bag with your cards and wallet in it. You don’t want to look too simple so add a nice pair of earrings and a pendant. If the event is bigger and more formal, wear a blazer over your outfit and a nice watch.

When you’ve been invited to a cocktail party or a networking dinner, the safest option is an appropriate length black dress or a black maxi skirt.

When you work freelance, things happen out of the blue. You may be working in your t shirt and pyjamas but in the next hour you have to be meeting a potential client to show your work / portfolio. It’s best to always have a clean pair of black jeans, black or nude shoes, neatly pressed blouses and handy accessories like a big tote bag, simple necklace or earrings, card holder, etc. You can just wear a presentable outfit quickly that way and head out.

Make up can be important too as long as you know what to wear when. Stick to nude lipsticks, ponytails if you have longer hair, basic eyeliner during the day and at night since you do have to socialize to grow your business opt for a brighter lipstick and dressier accessories but not too much bling as you are still there for work!

Your notebook/planner and card holder are equally important. Carry them everywhere as you never know when you need to write things down or when you can meet a prospective client.

Things to avoid are t shirts, too much jewelry, too much make up, shimmer, flip flops or any footwear that looks too casual.

All of this has helped me and now since I am back to my freelance career I have started following more of this code and seen some good results.

Hope this helps. Now, get to work!

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